Mazda Dealer near West Allis, WI

The full lineup of 2019 Mazda models poses in a strange structure.

Those looking for a vehicle with endlessly exciting performance and hot styling will find their soulmate in a Mazda machine. Known for their quick acceleration, excellent ride quality, premium interior and cutting-edge style, the Mazda brand continues to garner rave reviews and admirers all around the globe. This is especially true in the United States, which constitutes the automaker’s largest market.

Residents of West Allis looking for the best place to check out or acquire a new Mazda nearby should look to us here at Hall Mazda! Proudly serving the whole greater Milwaukee area for many years now, Hall Mazda boasts a wide inventory of the latest and greatest Mazda rides. We also have an extensive pre-owned selection, top-notch service center, and fully stocked parts and accessories store.

About Hall Mazda

Hall Mazda is located in Brookfield, just a hop and a skip out from West Allis. It’s part of the Hall Automotive dealership family, which specializes in inventories of new Mazda and Volkswagen models, along with a huge pre-owned selection encompassing all brands. Hall Automotive also includes Hall Service, a full service-center for whatever your vehicle needs, whether that be some routine maintenance or a post-collision overhaul.

West Allis was just first becoming a city back when our founder, A.C. Hall, started getting into the automobile business in the early 1900s. He quickly found he had both a knack and a liking for the work, and after a heated disagreement with Henry Ford himself, Hall moved out here to Brookfield and opened the dealerships that would become Hall Automotive.

Four generations later, Hall Automotive is still firmly within the grasp of the Hall family and currently lead by descendent Charlie Hall. Though the Hall Automotive tree has deep roots, it also continues to branch out in innovative and exciting ways. Our facilities were rebuilt and expanded in 2010, and we continue to evolve with our online inventories and services.