Which Mazda models have a heads-up display?

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Red 2019 Mazda6, with a heads-up display possibly inside, rolls down a city street.

Mazda Vehicles with Active Driving Display/HUD

Having a heads-up display on our windshield still makes us feel like we stepped into a sci-fi movie. And when is that not a good feeling? We can’t get enough of this sleek way to stay aware of pertinent driving information, expertly combining safety, efficiency and visual joy. Which Mazda vehicles come with (or offer) a HUD?

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Mazda vehicles with a HUD as an available feature include the 2020 Mazda3, 2019 Mazda 6, 2019 Mazda CX-3, 2019 Mazda CX-5, and 2019 Mazda CX-9. The HUD feature, referred to by Mazda as their Active Driving Display, is available on select trims of these models.

The Active Driving Display from Mazda is acclaimed for being one of the best HUDs in the business. It’s sleekly refined in a way that gives drivers a tantalizing glimpse of the automotive future. And it’s all put together with the automaker’s trademark human-centered engineering.

What features are on the Mazda Active Driving Display?

The Mazda Active Driving Display is formulated with goal of minimizing visual, cognitive and manual distractions to the driver. All content displayed is driving related, because it’s geared toward assisting the act of driving itself. In this way, Mazda hopes to enhance driver-vehicle symbiosis in the style of their Jinba Ittai philosophy.

Content displayed on the Mazda Active Driving Display include the current speed and speed limit. A red box will appear if the driver goes over the speed limit. More helpful features that appear in non-distracting but assistive ways reveal themselves over time as the system is used.

For example, when encountering a stop-sign on a country road where it’s easy to miss, a subtle stop sign icon can appear as a reminder. If a driver is not braking in time, a visual warning will appear along with the audible. If a driver encounters a one-way street, a Do Not Enter sign will appear. When a blind-spot is occupied, the blind-spot warning will appear in the HUD.

What’s the point of a Heads-Up Display in a car?

The goal of the Active Driving Display is to keep the driver’s eyes forward and close to the road as much as possible. The system doesn’t throw unnecessary info into your face such as the title of the current song playing or an incoming smartphone call. It all appears at the optimized distance to allow the eyes to easily focus between the road and the display.


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