putting a new air filter in a car

Signs it’s time to replace cabin air filter

When to replace the air filter in your Mazda

Air filters serve an important purpose in your car. They clean the air that comes into the cabin and allow passengers to breathe fresh, clean air. Like all kinds of filters, though, eventually they’ll need to be replaced. With all the maintenance needed to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, replacing air filters may not be at the top of your list of priorities. Don’t neglect that, though. Find out when you should replace the air filter in your Mazda!

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mechanic posing in front of a vehicleSigns it’s time to replace cabin air filter

Like the other components of your vehicle, there are a couple different signs that the cabin air filters need to be replaced. If you notice reduced airflow coming through your cabin air filter, it may be because the air filters are too dirty. Dirty air filters can also cause a loud sound to come through the air vents. Additionally, if you notice persistent odors coming through the air vents, it’s likely due to the air filter not performing its job correctly. It’s time to replace it.

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Even if you don’t notice these symptoms of an air filter that needs to be replaced, you’ll still want to replace them at regular intervals. It’s generally recommended that you have them replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or at least once per year, although your specific Mazda year and model may recommend a different number. If you drive in an area that has more pollution than normal, you’ll want to replace them more frequently.

While you could bring your vehicle in to a Mazda professional to have the air filters replaced, it’s also a process that you can do yourself. Learn more by contacting the team here at Hall Mazda in Brookfield or schedule a service appointment today!