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What kind of oil does my Mazda CX-5 need?

Mazda CX-5 Oil Changing Information: Type, Filter, and More

Are you the DIY type of person that prefers to do your auto maintenance at home? Or maybe you just want to understand what the oil your mechanic puts in your CX-5 does? No matter the reason you want to know which oil to use, we can help.

Here’s the kind of oil and oil filter a Mazda CX-5 uses and where you can get your oil changed for cheap.

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Oil and Oil Filters for Mazda CX-5

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By US and Canadian measurement system, the current generation (2017-present) of Mazda CX-5 uses 0W-20 full synthetic oil. Without replacing the oil filter, you’ll need 4.3 quarts to refill. With oil filter replacement, you’ll need 4.5 quarts. Speaking of which, there is no standard oil filter part number. Every brand has different designations for their filters. All you need to do is visit your preferred auto parts provider (like our Parts department) and search for the year, make, and model of CX-5 you have to find the matching oil filter.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Unlike what the name might suggest, synthetic oil isn’t “fake” oil. Synthetic oil is based off actual petroleum, but is engineered to improve performance, increase engine protection, and boost fuel efficiency. In general, it lasts longer and is better for your vehicle. Originally, synthetic oil was developed for heavy-duty and high performance uses, such as in military vehicles and commercial airplanes.

Want Your Oil Changed for Cheap?

Here at Hall Mazda, we can change the oil and oil filter changed for your CX-5 in no time, with no hassle for you. You won’t have to worry about oil types, finding the right oil filter, disposing of old oil, or anything else. Not only that, but our Mazda Car Care coupons will get ensure you get the best prices.