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Have you been ignoring your vehicle’s maintenance needs?

Vehicle maintenance items you shouldn’t ignore

Maintaining a vehicle takes a lot of work. After spending thousands on a new vehicle, it may be only a matter of time before you find various odds and ends that need tuning up. When you begin racking up a few miles, there will be a few maintenance needs that will show up. Take a look at a few of the vehicle maintenance items you may be neglecting that you really shouldn’t ignore.

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  • Brakes: people tend to ignore brake servicing until they notice a problem. A healthy set of breaks can literally be the difference between life and death.two people looking at a tire
  • Tires and wheels: we get it, new tires can be expensive. However, traction gets weaker as you put more miles on them, so it’s important to get them replaced when the traction gets weak. You’ll also want to get tire rotations and wheel alignments to get better fuel efficiency.
  • Seals and gaskets: you probably don’t think about these much, but the seals and gaskets are what keep all the fluids and components in place. Fixing or replacing these can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the specific part.
  • Fluids: you probably already know about the importance of oil changes, but there are a lot of other fluids in your vehicle that will need to be attended to (transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, etc.) Just like the way water is essential for humans to thrive, the fluids in your vehicle are necessary to keep it running properly.

Hopefully you have a grasp on some of the maintenance measures often ignored by some people. Don’t make the same mistake or you might find yourself with some expensive repairs. Learn more tips and tricks here on our blog or contact the team here at Hall Mazda for more useful information!