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Is synthetic oil better than conventional oil?

Is synthetic oil better than conventional oil?

If you’ve ever taken your car in for an oil change before (please tell us you have), you’ve probably been presented with the option of filling up your vehicle with either synthetic oil or conventional oil. This may be confusing to drivers unfamiliar with the differences between them. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but is it actually better than conventional oil? And if so, how much better?

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Should I use synthetic oil in my car?

The answer is totally up to you, but we recommend you do. Synthetic oil, just for a quick rundown, is a more refined and improved version of conventional motor oil. While conventional oil is derived directly from crude oil, synthetic begins as conventional and then undergoes a process that makes it even better. These benefits include added lubrication, better stability, reduced breakdown, and fewer deposits. When you add all these together, you’re left with a product that is far superior to conventional motor oil.

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Is it worth the cost?generic engine in the shade

Here’s where you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons. Because of the quality of synthetic oil, it’s going to cost you more than conventional. Is it worth the cost? The answer, according to some, is yes. AAA did a test and found that synthetic performed about 47 percent better than conventional, and that because of the longer life of synthetic, it will save you roughly $64 a year compared to using conventional.

How do I know if synthetic oil is right for me?

Synthetic oil will benefit almost any vehicle, but there are added benefits depending on your driving habits. For drivers who experience a little extra wear and tear on their engine from a lot of stop-and-go traffic or extreme cold or hot temperatures, synthetic oil will be even more beneficial and savings will amount to more than average.

Whether you use synthetic or regular oil, it’s essential to get frequent oil changes to ensure your vehicle is running properly. Contact the team here at Hall Mazda for more tips and tricks!