Mazda RX Vision concept

Is Mazda going to bring back the rotary engine?

Mazda Announces Return of Signature Rotary Engine

Yeah. Really. It’s back. Let’s talk about it.

Mazda is going to bring back the rotary engine.

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Mazda RX Vision concept interiorRX Vision Concept

Mazda wants to bring back the rotary engine. In June of this year, Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto stated that bringing back the rotary engine “is a dream for everyone at Mazda”. It was confirmed prior that the rotary motor will be utilized as a range extender in some capacity for electric vehicles in the conceptual stage. However, a little while later in October, the stunningly sleek RX Vision was revealed as a concept catering to the US market. It was announced alongside the reveal of the $1,600,000,000 joint Mazda/Toyota plant being erected in Alabama. The RX Vision is being described as “an exciting product,” an obvious understatement.

Rotary Engine Return Confirmed

If the RX Vision concept whipped up rotary engine enthusiasts into a frenzy, then the 12+ minute “Mazda Heritage B-Roll” that covers 50 years of Mazda performance history will incite absolute anarchy. It first shows a lineup of multiple iconic Mazda vehicles, then shifts to showcasing different ones. The 1967 Cosmo Sport all the way to the RX-8 are covered in wonderfully cinemagraphed detail. But then the 7:00 minute mark rolls around. And you forget to breathe. We get our first unbroken look at the new RX Vision concept. It looks like someone decided to blend the classic lines of an Aston Martin with the eye-catching curves of a Lotus. But that’s enough talk about what it looks like. Take a look for yourself. Remember that this is a B-Reel, meaning there is no sound. It’s just video.

The Other Mazda Legend

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