How to disinfect car for coronavirus?

By Product Expert | Posted in How To on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 3:50 pm
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Keeping Your Car Clean During Coronavirus Season

Your car collects dirt and germs just like any other living space does. It makes sense, then, to want to keep it adequately clean while there’s an ongoing health emergency. But how do you do it? Is there any a special steps to be done? Are there any procedures to be followed?

How do I disinfect a car for coronavirus?

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Keeping Your Car Free of Coronavirus

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The easiest way to get rid of coronavirus is with soap and water. Soap breaks down virus much like it does oils and since coronavirus is a virus, not a bacterium, you don’t need anti-bacterial soap. The normal stuff will work just fine. The two most important things to remember when cleaning your vehicle with soap and water is to use the 20-second rule and focus on high-traffic areas. Soap needs time to break dirt, oils, and viruses down, at least 20 seconds worth. And make sure that you’re scrubbing, not just letting it sit and then wiping it off. Pay special attention to any areas that you touch regularly, like the steering wheel, shifter, seat belt, and door handles. Disposable gloves are helpful if you have them, but they aren’t necessary.

That brings us to the kink in the system: electronics and touchscreens. Putting soap and water on a touchscreen is not recommended. Neither is slathering the button-laden section of your steering wheel with soapy water. Sparing use of non-bleach wipes should do the trick. However, the easiest way to keep those bits clean is to keep your hands clean. Regular handwashing and hand sanitizer application should do the trick. The EPA has a complete list of cleaners that are effective against COVID-19, many of which contain no bleach.

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