flat tire on unmarked vehicle

How do you know when your tire has blown out?

How to control your vehicle when a tire blows out

While vehicles are a necessity for many of us, driving always runs the risk of danger. With so many fast-moving objects that weight thousands of pounds moving toward each other, you’re going to encounter issues every now and then. When a tire blows out, it can be extremely catastrophic since you don’t have much control over your vehicle. Take a look at some tips on what you can do when a tire blows out. You just might save a life!

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two people looking at a tireHow do you know when your tire has blown out?

It’s important to know if your tire has actually blown out. It should make a loud pop or bang as well as the sound of a bunch of air going out. Obviously, this will be difficult to hear if your music is turned up too loud, so try to minimize those super-loud jam sessions and if you do hear something that sounds off, turn the radio off immediately. Other signs are a continued strange noise every time the tire rotates and the vehicle will likely start slowing down and pull sharply toward the side of the blown out tire.

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 Rather than sharply applying the breaks, let the vehicle slow down by itself and pull over to the side of the road. since your vehicle will be harder to control, be sure to have both hands on the steering wheel and grip it tightly. During this time you should quickly turn on the hazard lights when you feel comfortable enough to take a hand off the steering wheel for a quick second (or have a passenger turn on the hazard light for you).

No one plans to have a tire blown out, but use these tips the next time you encounter one of these unfortunate situations. Learn more when you contact the team here at Hall Mazda in Brookfield!