View of a flat tire being changed

Flat Tire Changing Tips for your Mazda

How to Change a Flat Tire in my Mazda? 

Don’t worry about getting a flat tire while on the road. Join us at Hall Mazda in Brookfield, WI, as we provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to change a flat tire in your Mazda. Continue reading for more information.  

Steps to Change a Flat Tire 

Step 1: Find a straight stretch of road and park your car so that it does not obstruct the passage of other vehicles. Apply the parking brakes and ensure that your hazard lights are turned on.  

Step 2: Place wheel wedges under the tires to prevent them from rolling over while you are changing the flat tire.  

Step 3: Use the lug wrench from your toolkit to loosen the nuts, and then place the jack in the position mentioned in your owner’s manual.  

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Step 4: Raise the vehicle using the jack, remove the nuts, and remove the flat tire. Place the spare tire and screw the nuts on with your hands.  

Step 5: Lower the jack until the wheel touches the ground and then screw the nuts back on with the wrench.  

Step 6: Check the tire pressure using a Tire Pressure Monitoring Device and return all the supplies.  

View of a wrench being used to unscrew the nuts
Image of a jack being used

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If you are in the Brookfield, WI region, schedule service at Hall Mazda and redeem our service specials for discounts on your visits. You can also order parts at the dealership and appropriately care for your Mazda vehicle. Feel free to reach out to the dealership for further assistance and information.