mazda's lane departure warning system

How Does Mazda’s Lane Departure Warning System Work?

There is a safety feature for just about every possible situation a driver may encounter on the road. Automakers are determined to offer vehicles to customers with advanced safety features that help keep the driver and other drivers on the road safe. One of Mazda’s available driver assistance feature includes Lane Departure Warning System which was designed to alert drivers who may unintentionally be drifting out of their lane. Take a look at exactly how the feature works.  

i-ACTIVSENSE ® Lane Departure Warning System

Mazda’s i-ACTIVSENSE ® Lane Departure Warning System uses a millimeter-wave radar to detect white and yellow line markings on the road. If the system detects that the driver is unintentionally deviating from their lane, the driver will be warned with visual and audio cues. If a turn signal is used, the system will recognize that the lane change is intentional and will not warn the driver.

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Lane Departure Warning System Limitations

There are some limitations to be aware of for the Mazda safety feature. The system is designed to be used when drivers are traveling at a speed of over 44 mph. The system is also not designed to replace an engaged and attentive driver, so do not depend on the system and remain attentive while driving.

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