How Do I Prevent my 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata from Rusting during Winter?

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Red 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible Parked

Winter Care Tips for your Mazda MX-5 Miata

The 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata is a beautiful car. It looks just as sharp lounging in a driveway as it does dominating the road. It begs to be looked at and admired. If you’re not careful, however, those sleek lines can be marred by rust, especially if the Milwaukee winter is unkind. With heavy snow comes roads covered salt, sand, and moisture, a troublesome trifecta for your pristine Miata. With winter right around the corner, let’s talk about how to prevent the worst from happening so your Miata doesn’t have to stay parked in the garage all winter.

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  1. Wash your Miata regularly.

Yes, even during the winter. Even more so during the winter. Washing removes the salt and moisture which worms itself into all those nooks that you didn’t know existed and latches onto any nicks that might be in the paint-job. If you can wash your Miata when its above freezing (or at least in the upper twenties), then washing your car will be pretty much normal. If it’s below freezing, then take your car out for a brief drive and warm up the engine and hood. Crank the heat inside the car too. This will help stop the water from freezing like it might otherwise. Car wash stations with manually operated power washers are a great option, allowing you to easily knock loose any build-up in the wheel wells, undercarriage, and grill. If you’re washing it at home, grab some buckets full of warm water, a soft, clean rag or sponge, and car soap. Make sure to use car soap, as dish soap (or other similar soaps) can strip away the clear coat from the manufacturer or other protective coatings like wax. Speaking of which…

  1.  Wax your Miata.

Waxing may seem like a stereotypically summer activity, meant to make your car shine during those long summer days. That shine looks just as great in the winter, and more importantly, waxing your car adds another protective layer to keep out salt, sand, and moisture, while also helping to mitigate any rocks or ice chunks that could collide with your Miata.

  1. Don’t forget the interior.2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Interior Black

We all know the feeling of kicking our snow-covered feet against the rocker panels before climbing into the driver’s seat. I’m sure you’ve also noticed the massive wet spot that appears on the floorboard. Getting some heavy-duty floor liners can help keep that moisture from seeping in wreaking havoc from the inside. Seat and steering wheel covers can help in a similar way (with the bonus of not having to touch or sit on very cold leather).

  1.  Caring for the convertible top.

Remove any ice and snow from your Miata’s top ASAP. Don’t use an ice scrapper or hard-bristled brush as these can damage the material. Use a soft bristled brush or your gloved hand. If the ice is really stuck on there, then, like washing your car in sub-freezing temperatures, take the car for a drive to warm it up and put the heat on full blast. Washing the convertible top is also recommended. Don’t operate or ‘cycle’ your roof in cold months, as the material can be more brittle and thus subject to tearing or breaking. Similarly, if the convertible top is wet, don’t put it down, as the water cause mildew and mold problems.

Need some more winter care tips?

Our certified Mazda technicians would be happy to advise you on other winter care services and products that are available.

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