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Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

How Can I Improve My Vehicle’s Fuel Economy?

Sure, Mazda is one of the most fuel-efficient auto manufacturers in the U.S. but really who doesn’t love ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy? For those looking to improve their Mazda’s or vehicle’s fuel economy, there are plenty of tips to try to help increase the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle. Take a look below to see how you can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy with these 5 simple tips.  

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Replace Air Filter

We certainly don’t think about our vehicle’s air filter every day but it is something that should be checked and replaced when needed. Our vehicle’s air filter allows our vehicle to perform better overall and when it is dirty and clogged it can negatively affect our fuel economy. vehicle fuel gauge

Avoid Slamming on the Brakes and Gas

Aggressively slamming on your brakes and gas can really affect your vehicle’s fuel-efficiency. Try to drive at a constant speed and avoid slamming on the brakes and gas when you can.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are what help your vehicle ignite fuel, which allows your vehicle to start. Over time, carbon from the fuel may build up and eventually make your vehicle use more fuel during the ignition process. Consider having your spark plugs checked or replaced to improve fuel economy.

Fill Up Your Tires

Always make sure that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated. To check the recommended pressure check the owner’s manual or driver’s side door. Low pressure will decrease fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

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Reduce Weight In Vehicle

Try not to drive around with unnecessary weight. Been meaning to donate that weight set or your old college textbooks? Believe it or not but added weight to your vehicle can cause it to use more fuel.

Have any questions on how to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy? Give us a call at Hall Mazda! Take a look at our website to see our available inventory and models over 30 mpg if you are in the market for a fuel-efficient vehicle.