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Do manual vehicles have adaptive cruise control?

Can Manual Transmissions Use Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive cruise control and a manual transmission may initially seem like they’re completely incompatible. If a vehicle manually requires you to shift gears, then how could adaptive cruise control regulate speed? Despite this seemingly inherent contradiction, some manual vehicles do have it, like the 2020 Mazda3 Hatchback Premium six-speed manual variant.

So then, how can a manual vehicle have adaptive cruise control?

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How Adaptive Cruise Works with Manual Transmissions

Yes, some manual transmission vehicles have adaptive cruise control. However, it has two big differences from automatic transmission adaptive cruise. First, it is programmed to disengage whenever you press the clutch. So, if you have to switch gears, you’ll need to turn on the cruise control after you shift. This isn’t that big of a deal, since changing gears means you’re either slowing down or speeding up anyway. Second, the adaptive cruise system disengages when the RPM dips too low or goes too high. If you’re cruising along and the system detects slower traffic in front of you, it will slow down and stay engaged if the speed difference isn’t enough to drop your RPM too low. If it is slow enough that you will need to downshift, however, the system automatically disengages.

What About Low-Speed Follow?

Low-speed follow is a nifty feature found on some automatic vehicles with advanced cruise control. However, given that low-speed follow requires a lot of shifting in a manual vehicle, it is not a feature on stick-shifts. Including it would be self-defeating, as the cruise would have to turn itself off every time a upshift or downshift was needed. While a manual can have adaptive cruise control, since the system can’t regulate shifting, a manual can’t have low-speed follow.

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