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A man cleaning the dirty seats

Video: How Can I Clean my Car’s Cloth and Leather Seats?

Learn to Clean Cloth and Leather Seats of Your Vehicle in Easy Steps   

Buying a car is a huge investment; therefore, it needs proper care. Cleaning your seats is also an important task, which, if neglected, can affect the classiness and comfort it provides. In this blog post by the Hall Mazda dealership in Brookfield, WI, we will tell you how to clean your seats in easy steps.   

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The 2022 Mazda CX-30 driving through a snowy landscape

Top 3 Reasons to Choose an SUV for Your Next Purchase

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing an SUV? 

As more and more people keep gravitating towards the SUV segment of the automotive industry, it becomes imperative to examine the reasons behind this shift. Though sedans are still very much alive and kicking, it cannot be denied that their popularity has dwindled over the years. If you are on the lookout for a car that is easy to live with and drive around the city, we suggest an SUV for you. Read about the advantages of purchasing an SUV in this blog by Hall Mazda and head to our dealership in Brookfield, WI, to find the perfect Mazda SUV for you.  

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Mazda SUV at a House

What are the Best Mazda SUVs for Camping?

2 Top Mazda Models Perfectly Fit for Camping Rides

A lot of camping trips and rides happen in this part of the world in Wisconsin. It is probably the most popular recreational activity in this state. Camping rides require a vehicle powerful and capable of handling all sorts of terrain – rocky, sandy, icy, wet, and more. Are you someone who loves Mazda vehicles? If so, you surely have some amazing Mazda models at your disposal that can be great companions in your camping drives.

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A girl peeping out of a car

What are the 5 Easy Steps to Overcome Car Sickness in Children?

Handle Car-Induced Motion Sickness in Children

Car rides can be fun. The fun factor is enhanced when you take your family on a long drive. However, many have the much-hated car sickness. This is also a form of motion sickness and can ruin the happy mood of the entire group. This feeling can be unpredictable in children. So, on this page, we will share the best five ways to handle car sickness in children.

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Phone Connected to a Car

How Do I Use the MyMazda Mobile App?

MyMazda App Usage Guide

The MyMazda App provides drivers with helpful information right at their fingertips. The application is loaded with exciting features that will enable drivers to stay focused on the road while simultaneously handling helpful information. Do you need more information about how to use this App? Just keep reading ahead to learn more about the MyMazda App.

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car driving down autumn road

How to get car ready for fall and winter?

Autumn Auto Service Checklist: Get Your Car Ready for Fall and Winter

Fall started last week. Crazy how quickly time goes. And with fall comes all sorts of things to do. Rake up leaves, clean the gutters and downspouts, pressure wash the siding, check the windows and doors, and…make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather.

Here’s a checklist to get your car ready for fall and winter.

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Pumping gas into a car

How to Open the Gas Cap in a Mazda?

Opening the Gas Cap in your New Mazda

There’s a lot to learn when you buy a new vehicle. You’ve gotta know where the parking brake is, where the wiper controls are, how to navigate your navigation system. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many buttons and levers packed into new cars. And if you’re used to manually opening your gas cap, the fact that some vehicles lock their gas caps with a mechanism can catch you completely off-guard. Which usually happens some time between figuring out which side of the vehicle the gas cap is on and which type of fuel to put in.

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Man in suit holding a floating dollar symbol

How often should I get a new car?

How to Decide if you Need a New Car

Some people say you need to trade up every two years to minimize your car’s value depreciation. Others refuse to own vehicles under 20 years old. Chances are that everyone you know has a different bit of advice that they swear by when it comes to getting new vehicles.

We here at Hall Mazda did some research and have come up with a few questions to consider in order to help you decide if you should stick with your old ride or upgrade to a new one. Read the rest of this entry >>