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Mazda SUV at a House

What are the Best Mazda SUVs for Camping?

2 Top Mazda Models Perfectly Fit for Camping Rides

A lot of camping trips and rides happen in this part of the world in Wisconsin. It is probably the most popular recreational activity in this state. Camping rides require a vehicle powerful and capable of handling all sorts of terrain – rocky, sandy, icy, wet, and more. Are you someone who loves Mazda vehicles? If so, you surely have some amazing Mazda models at your disposal that can be great companions in your camping drives.

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"good/bad" credit on wooden blocks

Where to get a car with bad credit near Milwaukee?

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem.

Here at Hall Mazda near Milwaukee, we know how important a vehicle is. For instance, it’s hard to make it to work on time if you have no way to get there. We’ll work with you to get you a reliable vehicle that you can afford with reasonable monthly payments.

Hall Mazda is the place to get a car near Milwaukee if you have bad credit or no credit. Learn more about the process below.

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Happy couple testing out a car

Where to get low mileage used cars near Milwaukee?

Hall Mazda Has a Big Selection of Used Cars in Milwaukee

Here at Hall Mazda, we’re proud to have the newest models fresh off the production line. But we’re also equally proud of our excellent used vehicle inventory. From certified pre-owned Mazda options to fuel-efficient rides to super affordable vehicles, Hall Mazda has something for everyone.

Hall Mazda is where you can get all different kinds of used vehicles near Milwaukee.

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car driving down autumn road

How to get car ready for fall and winter?

Autumn Auto Service Checklist: Get Your Car Ready for Fall and Winter

Fall started last week. Crazy how quickly time goes. And with fall comes all sorts of things to do. Rake up leaves, clean the gutters and downspouts, pressure wash the siding, check the windows and doors, and…make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather.

Here’s a checklist to get your car ready for fall and winter.

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person walking down middle of a snow covered road

Winter 2019 Activities near Milwaukee

Winter 2019 Recommendations | Milwaukee

There’s a bunch of stuff going on around Milwaukee just about any time of year. Around the holidays though, the sheer number of things to do can get downright overwhelming. To help you decide, we compiled a list of a few things we think could be worth your time.

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