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A man cleaning the dirty seats

Video: How Can I Clean my Car’s Cloth and Leather Seats?

Learn to Clean Cloth and Leather Seats of Your Vehicle in Easy Steps   

Buying a car is a huge investment; therefore, it needs proper care. Cleaning your seats is also an important task, which, if neglected, can affect the classiness and comfort it provides. In this blog post by the Hall Mazda dealership in Brookfield, WI, we will tell you how to clean your seats in easy steps.   

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Mazda Connected Services screen in the mobile

How to Check Your Vehicle’s Health through Mazda Connected Service

Get Your Vehicle’s Health and Service Reports Through Mazda Connected Services 

Mazda Connected Services is a new way to keep track of your vehicle’s health and service reports. The Vehicle Health Report provides detailed information about the current condition of your vehicle and any upcoming maintenance that may be needed. This can be incredibly useful for keeping your vehicle in top condition and can help you avoid potential problems down the road. Additionally, the Service History Report keeps track of all service and repair work that has been performed on your vehicle, which can be helpful for maintaining its value. Read this blog by Hall Mazda in Brookfield, WI on how to check your vehicle’s health through Mazda Connected Services. 

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person washing windshield

How to get rid of windshield streaks?

Getting Rid of Pesky Windshield Streaks 

Spring cleaning is here. You’ve washed the outside of your car, vacuumed the inside, cleaned the windows…and there’s streaks everywhere. All over the windows. You used a streak-free cleaner, so what’s going on? We here at Hall Mazda near Milwaukee know your pain. Let us help. 

Here’s how to get rid of streaks on your vehicle’s windshield. 

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car covered in snow

How to get into car with doors frozen shut?

Getting Into Your Car When the Doors Are Frozen Shut

For many, this past week has been not just the coldest of 2021, but the coldest in the past couple of years. With temperatures dropping well below -20°F here in our home state of Wisconsin and other states that don’t usually get any snow getting multiple inches of the white stuff, we thought now would be a good time share a technique that many northerners are familiar with.

Here’s how to get into your car when the doors are frozen shut.

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Snowplow pushing snow

How to get road salt stains out of vehicle floor mats and carpeting?

Cleaning Your Car’s Carpet in the Winter: Here’s the Fastest Way to Do It

It’s that time of year again. Holiday cheer! Presents! Beautiful lights! And…snow. Love it or hate it, wintertime here in Milwaukee means snow and lots of it. And along with that snow comes road salt. Which inevitably gets tracked into your vehicle. And then stains your carpets. It’s one of our least favorite parts of winter and we’re sure it’s a pain in your side too. But there’s good news!

Getting road salt stains out of your vehicle’s carpet is easy. Here’s how to do it.

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person with gloves cleaning a steering wheel

How to disinfect car for coronavirus?

Keeping Your Car Clean During Coronavirus Season

Your car collects dirt and germs just like any other living space does. It makes sense, then, to want to keep it adequately clean while there’s an ongoing health emergency. But how do you do it? Is there any a special steps to be done? Are there any procedures to be followed?

How do I disinfect a car for coronavirus?

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close-up on front of engine and serpentine belt

Why does my car squeal when I start it?

How to Stop Your Car from Squealing on Start-Up

Turning on your car just to have it squeal loudly is as annoying as it is embarrassing. Everyone with in earshot will look around and want to know where such a distinct sound came from. Luckily, about 90% of the time there is a single, easily-fixable culprit.

Let’s take a look at…

Why does my car squeal when I start it?

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