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2023 Mazda CX-5 by the roadside

Explore the Latest 2023 Mazda Vehicles Available in and Around Brookfield!

Which 2023 Mazda Models Are Available in Brookfield, WI? 

When it comes to quality, reliability, and durability, there is no vehicle like a Mazda. Mazda engineers have designed true perfection on wheels. These cars have excellent fuel efficiency, rapid acceleration, sophisticated technology, an elegant KODO design, and luxurious comfort. Recently, Mazda unveiled a range of 2023 models. Are you wondering which 2023 Mazda models are available in Brookfield, WI? At Hall Mazda of Brookfield, we give you the lowdown! 

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A 2022 Mazda CX-5 parked on a city road

Where Can I Purchase Vehicles for Under $30,000 Near Me?

New Vehicles for Under $30,000 in Brookfield, WI 

Sedans and SUVs rule the urban landscape, owing to the demand for city-friendly vehicles and the style they bring to the roads. Mazda is among those automakers that continue making near-perfect vehicles that boast premium features worth every penny. Also, they are priced affordably, making it a brand worth looking up to for its consistency and cost efficiency. If you are in search of new vehicles for under $30,000 in Brookfield, WI, the best deals can now be snagged on the latest Mazda models at Hall Mazda. Get in touch with our dealership to know more about the car you are about to buy. 

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Video: Mazda Protection Products

What are Mazda Protection Products?

Video: Mazda Protection Products 

Mazda Protection Products Vehicle Service Agreements are developed with the same devotion as the Mazda vehicles. It covers qualifying repair costs due to mechanical failure after your manufacturer warranty has expired. As a result, having a Mazda Protection Products Vehicle Service Agreement is a good strategy in the long term. So, what are Mazda Protection Products? We have a video explanation of the Mazda Protection Products and prepaid maintenance plans here by Hall Mazda. This will assist you in understanding the prepaid maintenance plans better. After reading this blog, don’t forget to check out new vehicles inventory here at Hall Mazda in Brookfield, WI!  

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mechanic pouring oil into funnel

What kind of oil does my Mazda CX-5 need?

Mazda CX-5 Oil Changing Information: Type, Filter, and More

Are you the DIY type of person that prefers to do your auto maintenance at home? Or maybe you just want to understand what the oil your mechanic puts in your CX-5 does? No matter the reason you want to know which oil to use, we can help.

Here’s the kind of oil and oil filter a Mazda CX-5 uses and where you can get your oil changed for cheap.

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2020 CX-5 cockpit in winter

Which 2020 Mazda vehicles have heated seats?

2020 Mazda Vehicles Ready for Cold Weather

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn! With autumn comes shorter days, beautiful fall colors, and…colder weather. That’s right. And while some of us love the colder months, no one likes getting into a cold car, sitting on cold seats, and having to wear gloves just to hold a cold steering wheel. And don’t forget about scraping the windows and mirrors so you can see. Luckily for us here in the Milwaukee area, most Mazda vehicles come with great features to mitigate all that discomfort.

Today, we’ll show you at which trim level every 2020 Mazda vehicle gets cold weather features including heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel, heated side mirrors, and multi-zone automatic climate control.

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2019 Mazda lineup

What is Mazda KODO design?

KODO: The Soul of Motion – The Science of How Mazda Turns Automobiles into Art

With the 2020 Mazda recently winning the World Car Design of the Year for 2020, we thought we’d explore what makes Mazda vehicles so distinct from other brands. The answer to the success of Mazda in recent years lies partially in their design philosophy: KODO.

What is Mazda KODO design?

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