bunny sitting next to spilled basket of Easter eggs

Milwaukee has plenty of Easter Egg Hunts this year!

2019 Easter Egg Hunts near Milwaukee WI

One of the most exciting things about Easter is the egg hunting. We’re not exactly sure how eggs and the Easter bunny are synonymous, but either way, the festivities are fun for people of all ages. If you’re in Milwaukee WI or the surrounding areas, check out some of the egg hunts going on for Easter 2019!

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two little girls hunting for Easter eggsMilitary personnel can enjoy an Easter egg hunt specifically for them and their families thanks to the Milwaukee USO Easter Eggstravaganza 2019. Located at the Urban Ecology Center, this event is free for those who register online ahead of time!

­­What better way to spend one of the best holidays than with animals? The Milwaukee Zoo will be hosting Egg Day at the Milwaukee Zoo, an event where young children can search for eggs while animals will also have their own egg hunt. There will be other events going on at the egg hunt as well.

The Community Easter Egg Hunt may be one of the biggest egg hunts going on this year. Hosted by Brave Church at the Milwaukee Lutheran High School Stadium, the egg hunt includes carnival games and 10,000 Easter eggs for kids to find.

Looking for a free Easter egg hunt to take part in this year? Bring your kids to the Easter Egg Hunt at Greendale High School. Some of the eggs will be specially marked and will have extra prizes.

There are tons of Easter egg hunts going on in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with others in your community to find out more events that could be a great experience for you and your family!