Where does the name Mazda come from?

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How Mazda Got Its Name: A Brief Explanation

At some point or another, everyone has wondered “why does this have this name?” Be it a brand, a product, technical jargon, or a person’s own name, people are curious why things are called what they are.

Today, we’ll look at the Mazda auto manufacturer and learn about where the Mazda name comes from.

Learn About Mazda KODO Design

Jujiro Matsuda, founder of Mazda

Where the Mazda Name Came From

The Mazda company was originally call Toyo Kogyo Co. They manufactured cork. Toyo Kogyo Co. eventually produced the 1931 Mazda-go, an old-fashioned tricycle truck. Ahura Mazda, usually shortened to Mazda, is the patron deity of harmony, intelligence, and wisdom in early West Asian mythology. It was a fitting name for an uncharted business venture. The company changed from a cork manufacturer to an automotive company under Jujiro Matsuda’s guidance, a founder of Toyo Kogyo and its second President. Mazda and Matsuda are pronounced very similarly in Japanese, making Mazda both a memorable name and one that honored Mr. Matsuda.

The First Mazda Passenger Car

While the 1931 Mazda-go was the first vehicle produced by Mazda, it wasn’t exactly what most people would call a consumer vehicle. In the 1950s, Mazda started to produce four-wheel trucks to replace the Mazda go. In 1960, Mazda branched into the passenger car market proper with the R360 coupe. It was followed by the 1962 Carol, the 1964 Familia, and then the legendary 1966 Luce. Since then, Mazda has gone on to produce multiple cars that will go down in history as some of the best ever made, like the ’67 Cosmo Sport, the ’70 Capella, and the ’89 MX-5, just to name a few.

Want to Learn More About Current Mazda Vehicles?

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